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Don’t Be So Sad! It’s Such A Waste of Time

Last week, I watched Billie Eilish’s interview with Vanity Fair. Yups, I know it's kinda late for me to jump into the bandwagon of Billie Eilish. The same questioned asked in 2017 were re-answered by her in 2018. In the later year, she looked so sad I wanted to hug her perhaps because she has been viral and gained more popularity. Billie is so cool. Her lyrics are desperately relatable. It’s hard to believe that she’s 16. Talking about sad music, I have always been into it especially those with deep words, a surprising fact for some people due to my bubbly personality. Telling my feelings with song lyrics has been a way I communicate my hidden emotions. The vibe Billie gives, feels a lot like Lana Del Ray for me probably because their music is categorized in the same genre, ‘moody pop’. It sounds so heartbreaking when she said that she was jealous of Billie a year ago. Being frustrated for more than a half year already, I truly can relate that I quote the title