Graduation Moment

Wwwooaah.. It’s been awhile since the last time I made a post. My PC was broken L I couldn’t write, edit photos, or anything. I just upload my #OOTD via Instagram (@NisaCemulia). Feel free to follow. Hehehe
So, I was officially graduated last month from my another campus, Faculty of Education and Pedagogy of UIN Ar-Raniry :’) Alhamdulillah. A little flashback, I have been also graduated once from Faculty of Economics of Syiah Kuala Univerity (The post is here).
My daily activities are still like usual, hanging out with my friends a lot (which I realize I should have reduced it a little), working as a radio host, and doing voluntary actions.
I know that I am mature enough right now, I want to be an independent daughter, have enough income for myself, and not depend on my parents too much again. Hiks ~ Ah, growing up is sometimes quite scary.
Hihihihi ~ However, I am always me, with ton of silliness and the power of enjoying myself. These days, I am so busy of being nowhere, right here and right there. Not really looking for jobs or new activities. I dedicate this March only for some traveling and holiday. But Insya Allah next month I will push myself again to involve in the so-called professional world (Psstt, that sounds soooo I-don’t-know).
Cayarani, my skripsi partner :* Thank youuuuuuu for never tired calling. texting, and reminding me of what I should prioritise :')
Ella and Desi who sat beside me that day, patiently holding mirror for me >,< I checked my make up every 10 minutes lol ~
The love of my life
 Kak Piiiiii ^^
 Me love you always, Dad. Always..
My cheerleader ^^/ I looooove them, they loooove me :* :* :* XOXO
 My photographer ^^ Dek Nurul Fajri a.k.a Sinyak a.k.a Dek Pun

Ohh, I’ll make this graduation post in two parts. This part is for the moment, and next for the outfit detail.
Have a nice weekend, and the long one for everyone in Indonesia ^^/


  1. Congrats dear. You look great. Beautiful photos!


  2. hehehe.. akhirnya potoku mejeng juga ya kak.