Ethnique Day

December 21, 2013 3 Comments
Hallloooohaa.. Udah lama banget-banget yak ngga ngeblog. Don’t ask where I was and what I did recently. Between lazy and busy :p Blame Path and Instagram for me to quickly upload photos and words. Okeh, itu alesan aja sebenarnya. I just can hardly make times to do photoshoot and choose the outfit I want to publish on my blog. Yet, in Instagram I can easily post my OOTD that taken with my phone camera, easy and practical.
I ever thought of not just posting photos anymore, but putting some stories, fashion tips, etc. Semoga bisa terealisasikan ya. Kapan? Kita liat aja ntar. Hahaha ~ This was the outfit I wore when attending our radio producer’s wedding. And the photos were taken by my radio manager when we stopped by at a masjid for Zuhoor prayer. Just an old batik skirt with a shirt that I ever wore for interviews, even to college. But did I rock it beautifully?