My Graduation Day

A super late post of my graduation moment, it was on 6 May 2013. Hehehe ~ Alhamdulillah I am now an Economic Bachelor.. And all I can say is "finallllllyyyyy" ~ Hahaha ~  I don't find any job related to my degree yet. Umm, I don't even know what I want to do in this short term after graduation. My activities are still the same, I am working as a freelance host radio and do some voluntary actions sometimes. Yet, I have another study I must finish soon. Yes, I am taking 2 study programs :D The other one is at Teaching Faculty of IAIN Ar Raniry Banda Aceh. I have taken all subject, the only one left is final research a.k.a skripsi, which drives me crazy and lazy. Hahaha ~ Semoga bisa lekas selesai juga ya =3  
My Outfit, made by my Aunt Nelly.. Walopun nantinya ketutup toga juga =3

My happy parents seeing their daughter akhirnya wisuda. Hahaha
Our bestie, Fonna, who had graduated before us. Now she's a banker :D


  1. Congratulation...! And best of luck for your future undertakings..!

  2. Congratz dear! You looked gorgeous.


  3. congrats annisa! btw, your outfit is really nice :)