Saturday, 8 June 2013

Cerita KKN

Hello ~ how are you? Feels like a year not blogging. Huhuhuhu.. Where am I? I’m doing my internship, staying at a village for a month. The location is like heaven. It’s on the mountain, stepping out of the house, you’ll see the beach below. Even the sound of sea wave is very clear, and the stars shine so bright at night. I imagine lot of drama scenes here. How can’t I if the sunset looks like this?
Ujong Batee, Aceh


  1. Dearest.. I wish I could be there NOW! :)
    You take care.. *hugs.

  2. pedesaan gitu ya nis,,,,sejuk kayanya banyak spot photo yg bagus kayanya tink.,,,tink***

  3. itu yang sama macam di IG ya kak cem? :D

  4. That is a stunning picture wow!