What I do and What I Found Lately

June 08, 2013 5 Comments
Hello ~ how are you? Feels like a year not blogging. Huhuhuhu.. Where am I? I’m doing my internship, staying at a village for a month. The location is like heaven. It’s on the mountain, stepping out of the house, you’ll see the beach below. Even the sound of sea wave is very clear, and the stars shine so bright at night. I imagine lot of drama scenes here. How can’t I if the sunset looks like this?
Ujong Batee, Aceh
Even in the middle of nowhere, I manage to browse some favorite stuff too. I happened to stop at an online shopping portal called Dskon.com. It’s shocking me. How can a website provides so many services? WOW.. Not only the shopping list itself, you can also find articles about fashion, health, entertainment, travel, beauty tips, brand review and many more.

Take a look at their blog, you must get information you love. I was very excited to read about airport  outfit. Hihihihi ~ I looooove airport style even though I don’t travel a lot for now. Maybe because I often take a peek at my idols candid photos at airport when they have show abroad.

This fashion portal gives you the best deal of different online shop categories along with store’s contact number, shipping, how to order, etc. Umm, just visit the home, you’ll be served very well :) You can also find them on Facebook, and Twitter.

            See you ^^