Happy New Year

Hello ~ I hope it’s not too late for me to say “Happy New Yeaaaaaar” \(^0^)/ I managed to post it on first January, but holiday seemed far away. As always, college thingy took most part of my day :’D
I’d like to share you about how I spent my new year eve. I was with some communities in Aceh. Taking the opportunity of the crowded people at the downtown that night, we did “Saving Earth” campaign. It held by Earth Hour Aceh. 
At 11.00 O’clock, we had a short parade..

There was a group named "Koper Bekas". They recycled trash and old stuff into music instrumental. So cool ^^

When the music playing, we walked into the crowded who watched us to show banners with quotes on it, such us: Turn off the electronic when not in use, I plant trees, Save the earth from plastic, etc.. We also did a freeze flash mob, that we didn't move for about three minutes while showing the quotes.
Our campaign was ended a few minutes before 00.00 O'clock.

And here is another show, FIREWOOOORRKKKKK \(^o^)/ I didn't take many photos of it because It was so beautiful I couldn't move my eyes from the sky :')

Thank you for reading.. Wish you the happiest 2013 and all dreams come true. Amieeeen ~
Have a nice weekend :)
- Annisa Mulia -


  1. yup sekecil apapun tindakan pada bumi itu akan sangat berpengaruh ,,,,amin atas doanya dan semoga resolusi di tahun ini tercapai ya ,dan amin juga untuk doanya

    1. Sayangnya sedikit orang yang mengerti itu ya, Nourash. Semoga kita tidak termasuk ke dalam bagian itu :)

      Amieeeen, semoga banyak yang bisa membuat kita lebih baik dan belajar di tahun ini..

  2. Great job u guys did there, barakallah... Happy New Year, dear... U looked awesome!

  3. Loving these wonderful pictures . Wish you A Happy and Splendid New Year 2013 :)


  4. Hi thanks for sharing interesting read by the way
    Do you happen to know what The Ith-khir is? Come see..

    Take Care

  5. Perayaan tahun baru yg unik dan kreatif... suka bgt ma tema yg diusung...

  6. wahh seru banget ya niss kamu di sana... eh ada earth hour juga ? waktu 2 bulan oktober lalu di acara car free day di kota aku tangerang, earth hour juga ada lhooo.... dalam event hemat kantong plastik... ^^
    ni http://dwilovasket.blogspot.com/2012/12/earth-hour-tangerang-car-free-day.html

    1. Iyah Dwie..
      Earth Hour itu kampanye lingkungan, setiap tahun di akhir maret, memang ada peringatan earth hour, yang di seluruh dunia matiin listrik selama satu jam.
      Tapi kampanye yang dilakukan ngga cuma di jam earth hour aja :D Tapi selalu, untuk bumi yang lebih baik. Hehehehe
      Ayooo save our earth ^^/


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