Hello, Twenty Three

Twenty three has always been my favorite number. It started when the little me reading a comic that said, "the number which is same with the birthday is special" Then I wait for my 23rd birthday on 23 December :)
This was what happened that day. In the morning, as other Sundays, I and my friends went to Car Free Day event. There, they tried to make me upset and angry. Even hiding my wallet (with cell phones, key, and ATM cards inside). 
We finally had breakfast at Tower Premium Coffee, yet until hours latter, my phones still not back and the drama became weirder. Kkkk ~ I realized I was having birthday and laughed at them that they were making joke of me because of my birthday. Theeeeeen ~~ Tadaaaa, my sister and some friends were singing behind me with cake and candles above, I was so speechless. Here is the ugly crying face

I was sincerely making wishes :')

There are always thank you and sorry for my parents. That until today I can't make them very proud, but the love pours on me endlessly. For my whole friends, thank you for always taking care of me, listening to my weird stories, and believing that my dreams will come true :*
And for my 23 memories, thank you very much for my sister (Bela) and Darah Untuk Aceh team :') I love you. I promise will work harder for the social life and humanity in the future. Thank you for accepting me in the community. You are all a family for me now :)

I also happened to meet two Germanies that sat close to us, they were travelers. They'd like to share the happiness by singing me a Happy Birthday song in German, it was so lovely I can't stop smiling.

I was a happy birthday girl.. Have a wonderful holiday, everybody

- Annisa Mulia -


  1. Thanks for sharing such a nice post! Happy birthday!
    Have a happy time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

    1. Thank you, Alexandra :)
      Have a nice weekend and new year eve

  2. Lovely photos and a delicious bird cake! You look so cute in the photos, looks like you had a wonderful time! Sarita x


    1. Yes, dear. The cake is so cute and yummy >,<
      And I had a very happy time :)

  3. Happy birthday, dear.. You're such a darling! XOXO.

  4. Happy bday Annisa! My best wishes for your health and happiness.. Wish you a very joyful life and your dreams coming true in the new year :)

    1. Amiiiieeen amiiiin ya robbal 'alamin :')
      Makasih Mia :*

  5. Happy Birthday ! Wish you also a Great Holiday and Happy New Year 2013 !


  6. Happy milad Annisa :)
    Jadi kepikiran pas umur 23 saya ngapain aja ya? #sudah tua, hehe

    1. Makasiiih, Maya..
      Hihihihi.. Emang sekarang uda berapa?

  7. ada akuuuu...
    jelek kali qe kok nangis kak. hahaha

  8. Met ultah ya, walau telat :D
    Moga cepet lulus Nis, jangan pikirin Dedek Taemin atau Akang Ichul dulu ;)

  9. med milad ya nis... sorry telat ni..hehe semoga semakin berkah ya


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