Eid Mubarak - Grandma's House

It is our big family tradition to gather at grandma's house on the first day of Eid fitr. Almost all uncles/aunts came home. This is Aceh traditional house that has been modified, the place I was born and growing up.
My older sister, Jan

Two younger sister, Bela and Isyun

Grandma's Grandchildren

Dek Moza

Dek Aufa

Aren't they cute =3

Wondering who made our dress? This aunt, I call her "Macut Nong" She made her own and her daughters' :) And there are two mores dressmaker in our family, grandma and another aunt.. This is her family

Apaman and her daughter, Dek Farah

Youngest uncle and her family

My family usually also has the session, but my parents were busy with the relation and neighbors came. And my only brother had his own business, playing.. This boy in the middle is him..

Mom, Dad, and my brother had different uniform with us, the girls. Finally Mom had some photoshoot too, hehehe.  Her dress fabric was the same with my brother's (picture above) Always surprise that Mommy still this young although has five children..
The men in the family, talking about... politics? That men with the brown shirt is my Daddy ^^

And many mores were there too, but didn't want to be photographed :D
Lots of pcture =D Thank you for reading. Eid Mubarak for all Moslem in the world

Photographer: Everyone at the moment
Location: Pulo Tunong, Kp. Aree - Sigli


  1. suka benget dengan dressnya ,itu satu bahan dengan dua model yang berbeda ya ,,suka banget ma yang kaya baju cheongsam keren banget apalagi ada belt nya ,,suka banget nisa ,,,,selamat hari raya idul fitri ya

    1. Satu bahan dengan empat model, Nour :D
      Baju Isyun?
      Iyah, Nisa juga suka :D

      Selamat Idul Fitri ^^
      Maap lahir bathin yaa..

  2. happy eid mubarok kak!

    Yaampuuuun, cantik semua... cakep semua. melongo dapatnya saya..
    cantiknya merah-merah gitu.. mama kaka muda banget ya masih :o 4 cewek 1 cowok ya ka?

    tradisi keluarga kaka sama dengan keluargaku, hari pertama khusus untuk keluarga besar :D

    visit my blog ♥

    1. Eid mubarak juga, sayang :*
      Jiahahaha.. Jangan melongo-melongo banget, *bekapin*

      Ho'ohh.. 4 cewe, 1 cowo :D

      Dan makanan juga banyak banget kan? :p

  3. Awsome heels! Lovely cheerful photos! I love one family photo the most, the sixth from the bottom!!! It's so wonderful. The earthly tones..the yellowish-green leaves match the colour of the Lady's dress! Everything is perfect in that photo. It's a million dollar photo!

  4. Awh.. MashaAllah! Such a lovely pictures. Lovely family. We also spend our el3ied always at our grandmother. And a nice red outfit.


    1. Thank you, dear :)
      It will be always precious to spend time with aaaallll family :D
      Eid mubarak

  5. happy eid Annisa, wooow bajunya komapakan :)))

  6. wahhh,,,pengalaman lebaran yang megasyikan nih


    1. Iyah, mengasyikkan dan membuat tersenyum :D
      Eid mubarak..

  7. Eid Mubarak! (bit late)
    That house is gorgeous! and I love how all the girls are wearing red, beautiful..

  8. Subhanallah.. tu kan Nis, aku jadi tambah pengen belajar jait. Ayo tanggung jawab! :p
    Btw, hebat ih bisa pake heels setinggi itu. Aku nggak pernah berani, hehehe..

    1. Hahahahahahahahaha...
      Ayo-ayoo belajar, mba >.<
      Dari kecil aku banyakan baju yang dijahit :D

      Berani-berani ngga juga sih itu, kalo uda cape,ya aku tenteng

  9. Wuaaaah! Fotonya bagus sekali xD merahnya seksi gitu deh cantik :3

  10. jahit sendiri ya?
    bagus bajunyaa kembaran gitu