Fitri's Wedding

Fitri is a best friend of mine. We’ve been together for more than 8 years, since high school. Actually, she’s been officially married since November 2011. It’s called akad nikah in Islam
In Acehnese culture, the wedding party held twice. First, at bride’s place (can be at house or building). The point is the bride’s family does all the ceremony. The groom’s relations take him to bride’s place. Usually there will be some traditional dances by children at the door when groom’s rentourage arrive. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera at that time. I forgot asking Fitri, hehehe
These are photos from the second party (groom’s place) last May. A late post :p
All ceremonies and steps are the same with the first one. When the distance is close, we do it by walking. Yet, this was a bit far. I was at the same car with Fitri. There were also many other people with different vehicles. We’re gonna take her to the groom’s house :)

When we arrived, we were soon served with delicious food :D

What I wore.. The dress was made by a relation. The clutch was my mom's :D I forget the brand's name :p

My mommy :*

And if you wonder, it's an Aceh traditional ceremony, yet the party decoration, the bride's and the groom's clothes. The flowers on Fitri's head were real :D


Annisa Mulia


  1. Salam. Very colorful wedding.. What a bliss! And everyone was beautifully dressed. You and your mom looked stunning. And of course the groom and the bride were The Bold & the Beautiful. Nice...

  2. happy wedding for fitri :) aku juga pernah ke pernikahan dengan adat aceh. dan aku pakai baju tradisionalnya karena aku penerima tamu, hihihi :D

    1. Makasih kata Fitri ^^

      Wahhh.. seriously? How did you feel? :D

  3. hello. aku suda follow blog kamu.
    by the way adat aceh keren yaa.. :)

  4. hai dear
    thanks for visit and left a comment on my blog :)
    btw I'm following your blog now , I hope yo'll follow my blog back hihi
    have nice day :)

  5. Wah ,,,cantik banget pengantennya kamu juga anisa keren banget,salam kenal

  6. wah..nice weeding outfit...apa kamu nanti bila nikah mahu pakai begini? kinda nice you traditional and awesome

  7. wow.. meriah..

    harap dpt pergi ke wedding begini.. hehe

  8. cantik n uniquee.. ske tgkk.. :)

  9. Nice post dear! Me likey :) Happy wedding ^^

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  10. auwww, looks cute with dat dress :D

  11. terimakasih ya sudah main ke blog saya ... :)
    Foto2nya menarik Annisa :)

  12. The photos are fabulous - such great colours!

  13. Bajunya bagus, Nis. Blom pernah ke nikahan adat Aceh, ni. Mungkin ntar ya, kalau Nisa nikah? Hehe.. amin :)

  14. ohhhhhh i love wedding! u look gojes. ;)