Hello, Twenty Three

December 24, 2012 15 Comments
Twenty three has always been my favorite number. It started when the little me reading a comic that said, "the number which is same with the birthday is special" Then I wait for my 23rd birthday on 23 December :)
This was what happened that day. In the morning, as other Sundays, I and my friends went to Car Free Day event. There, they tried to make me upset and angry. Even hiding my wallet (with cell phones, key, and ATM cards inside). 
We finally had breakfast at Tower Premium Coffee, yet until hours latter, my phones still not back and the drama became weirder. Kkkk ~ I realized I was having birthday and laughed at them that they were making joke of me because of my birthday. Theeeeeen ~~ Tadaaaa, my sister and some friends were singing behind me with cake and candles above, I was so speechless. Here is the ugly crying face

A Midnight Note

August 28, 2012 19 Comments
Kata orang Tuhan selalu punya rencana yang lebih baik. Tapi kadang aku juga gila dan tak bisa menahan diri ketika rencanaku gagal lagi. Lalu yang menertawakan pun datang, yang mencibir juga entah kenapa rajin sekali hadir. Sabar-sabarlah, kebal-keballah. Nanti kalau langkahmu sudah membawa hasil mereka akan merasa terpinggir. Tapi tak perlu jugalah kau berusaha untuk membuktikan kalau yang mereka sebar-sebar itu cuma cerita tak berdasar. TAK PERLU! BUANG-BUANG WAKTU!
Bergeraklah untuk mereka yang percaya kamu bisa. Pun  kalau tidak ada satu yang mengaku kalau kau itu mampu, biarlah. Satu saat mungkin waktu tak akan menjawab. Tapi dia akan bantu menemukan bagi mereka yang tak lelah mencari. Membuat mengerti bagi mereka yang tanpa keluh menunggu. Satu dua tiga langkah sungguh-sungguh yang hari ini tak diberi harga, mungkin satu hari nanti bisa berguna. Kalaupun tidak, cukuplah untuk membuatmu dewasa dan tak jatuh ke lubang yang sama. Masih melakukan salah yang itu-itu saja? Sudahlah sudahlah, mari sini kuajari cara menertawai diri sendiri.

A three year ago photo
Sometime you are tired of moving on, when you believe that you have given everything but got nothing. Fed up with them who unbelievably very like to mock people, busily complain here and there. There is no need for you to prove anything to them. They will stay that way. Heard somebody said, “Don’t let anything make you down, gravity does that enough”. Just stand for them who believe you can. Even when there is nobody by your side, it’s okay, sweetheart. As you believe in what you are doing, as you don’t blame others and keep humble, you’ll get the answer.

Banda Aceh, August 28, 2012

-Annisa Mulia-

Eid Mubarak - Grandma's House

August 22, 2012 20 Comments
It is our big family tradition to gather at grandma's house on the first day of Eid fitr. Almost all uncles/aunts came home. This is Aceh traditional house that has been modified, the place I was born and growing up.

Home - Welcome Ramadhan ^^

July 22, 2012 49 Comments
Pulang kampung ^^ Kuliah uda libur, trus rasanya gimana gitu kalo ngga Ramadhan-an pertama bareng keluarga :D Sehari sebelum puasa, ketemu sama temen-temen SMA dulu..

Since my college is quite far from my hometown, I live apart from my parents. Holiday is coming, and Ramadhan as well.. Yihaaaa.. I'm home finally ^^ A day before Ramadhan, I was hanging out with my high school friends.

American Friends

July 11, 2012 43 Comments

Bulan yang lalu, saya berkesempatan bertemu beberapa orang Amerika.
Foto-foto pertama ini adalah Beth, dia dari California. Mengunjungi Aceh untuk beberapa hari aja.
Pertama, kita ke Lampulo buat ngeliat kapal di atas atap yang dibawa tsunami taun 2004 yang lalu. Kapal ini nyelamatin 59 orang hari itu

Last month, I met some new friends from America :) The first part is Beth, a California girl who visited Aceh for a few days. First, we visited Lampulo to see a boat on a roof which brought by tsunami in 2004. The boat saved 59 six life of people that day.

Fitri's Wedding

June 26, 2012 28 Comments

Fitri is a best friend of mine. We’ve been together for more than 8 years, since high school. Actually, she’s been officially married since November 2011. It’s called akad nikah in Islam
In Acehnese culture, the wedding party held twice. First, at bride’s place (can be at house or building). The point is the bride’s family does all the ceremony. The groom’s relations take him to bride’s place. Usually there will be some traditional dances by children at the door when groom’s rentourage arrive. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera at that time. I forgot asking Fitri, hehehe
These are photos from the second party (groom’s place) last May. A late post :p
All ceremonies and steps are the same with the first one. When the distance is close, we do it by walking. Yet, this was a bit far. I was at the same car with Fitri. There were also many other people with different vehicles. We’re gonna take her to the groom’s house :)